Sailing Instructions 2018

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to email me any-time. I look forward to seeing you all on the water this season.  Let's do our best to have a fun, safe, and competitive season again this year.

Mark Littlefield

Fleet Captain Sail - Vallejo Yacht Club



Schedule is posted for 2018 Sunset and North Bay series, as well as other special races.  Skippers must register for each series they plan to race.  There is a cut-off date for each series.  There will be no registrations for a series once the cut-off date passes.  Racers must register for a race at least 48 hours prior to first gun for that race.  If you register later than that, you will not be added to the fleet and will not be scored.


Racing fees 
Racing fees for 2018 season are set at $125.00, payable to VYC prior to first Sunset series race on April 4, 2018.  Entrants not paid by that time will not be scored.  If you pay after that date you will be scored from your payment date forward only.  No partial payments or registrations.  


North Bay Series 
This series will be scored as one fleet, as was the mid-winters.  There could be an exception to this.  If we have at least 3 boats in each fleet for each race, I will separate the races by fleet.  If we have less than 3 boats per fleet in any race, the entire series will be scored as one fleet.  Boats declaring a spinnaker will be docked 18 seconds as in the mid-winters.  Other races, such as the Luna race will be scored the same. 


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