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Beginning Sailing

A six class introduction to sailing for those with little or no small boat sailing experience. Taught in 8′ El Toro and Pico dinghy’s (w/o jib), the class covers rigging, parts of the boat, basic boat handling and seamanship, points of sail, capsize recovery, Safety, Knots, Weather, “Rules-of-the-Road” and Tides & Currents. Emphasis is towards “On-the-Water” experience practicing within the protected VYC harbor.


As students acquire skills, they will progress to practicing outside the harbor. A graduate should gain all the skills necessary to confidently and safely continue their sailing experience, either on their own or in advanced sailing classes.


Intermediate Sailing


Prerequisite: Successful completion of Beginning Sailing or proof of competence in a small sailboat.


A four class course providing a chance to “stretch your sailing legs” (literally!) You’ll advance to 1-person Lasers and 2-person FJ’s or Laser Pico’s (with jib) sailing exclusively “outside the harbor”. More focus will be placed on boat handling techniques and trim as well as advanced capsize recovery techniques. As students gain confidence they will progress to short races and learn the basic Rules of Racing. The emphasis will be on sportsmanship and fun.


Basic Small Keelboat Sailing


Prerequisite: Successful completion of Beginning Sailing and (or) Intermediate Sailing or proof of competence in a small sailboat or VYC instructor acceptance. (special classes for beginning adults can be arranged on request – please contact our Program Director)


A four session introduction to small keelboat handling. This course is conducted almost entirely in the open waters of the Mare Is. Straits and San Pablo Bay onboard 22′ to 30′ keelboats. Each boat will have an instructor and 1-4 student crew. All open water boat handling will be done by the students. Instruction will include Rigging and Sail Handling, Advanced Sail Trim, Sail planning (course, tides, currents, weather, etc.), Anchoring, Docking, Man-Overboard-Recovery, Rules-of-the-Road and Safety. Techniques for departing a berth and docking will be demonstrated by the Instructor.



The Vallejo Yacht Club offers the following classes:


  • beginning sailing

  • intermediate sailing

  • small keel boat sailing

  • continuing the experience


In addition, the club offers a wide variety of club-house educational lecture series presented by sailing and maritime professionals including, but not limited to:


  • rigging and hardware

  • sail choice and maintenance

  • single handed sailing

  • boat maintenance



Special programs


Special Programs can be arranged on request to meet your special needs. Classes can be offered on weekdays or evenings. For example: Learn-to-Sail is an excellent “Team Building” program for small office groups. Schedule and fees can be negotiated on an individual case basis and will depend on instructor availability – please contact our Club Manager for more information


Continuing the Experience .  .  .  .


At the completion of the Summer Junior Sailing Program members can maintain their Junior status at VYC  - see the membership fee schedule. El Toro’s & Pico’s can be rented - see the fee schedule for rental fees. Hours available will be dependent upon having adequate adult supervision available.


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