statement of limited liability

The Liability of VYC is limited to the exercise of ordinary care and precaution. Members or guests occupying, using, or permitting the use of the Club’s harbor and/or clubhouse facilities do so at their own risk. They will be held responsible for all incidental damages in excess of ordinary wear and depreciation including losses arising from environmental violations; acts of God will be exempted. 


Only members of those yacht clubs on the list of P.I.C.Y.A. yacht clubs which have facilities and provide free reciprocal privileges to VYC members will be allowed 24 hours free berthing.  Otherwise they will be charged a fee equal to that charged by the visiting members club. Following the 24-hour time period, a daily fee will be charged. (Inquire with club office prior to arrival).


  • All other clubs, or members of a recognized club, will be charged a daily fee, including the first day.  A letter of introduction on club letterhead may be required from yachtsmen of non-PICYA member clubs.  The letter of introduction should include the names of the members, the vessel name, reciprocation policy, Club contact information, and be signed by the Commodore.

  • Use of the Club facilities for a cruise-in will be limited to those organized clubs extending reciprocal privileges to VYC or to associations specifically approved by the Board of Directors and such requests shall be made in writing.  No incoming cruise will be scheduled without the specific approval of the Vice Commodore.

  • The maximum stay for visiting boats shall not exceed 15 days.

  • Visiting boats may not be left unattended overnight without the special approval of the Port Captain.

  • Berthing is limited to boats of 50′ LOA or less except in emergencies or with prior approval of the Port Captain or a designee.

  • Keys and/or electrical adapters may be provided with a deposit.  Should keys or adapters be lost, a deposit will be charged for replacement. VYC provides 30 amp receptical service at the guest dock, and 20 amp service in berths)

  • Visiting yacht club members and their guests will be allowed the privileges of the club house and bar; however, only VYC members are allowed behind the bar to serve drinks.  Ask a member to assist you.  Membership cards must be shown upon request.

  • Each visiting yacht club guest member shall be responsible for his or her conduct and the conduct of his or her family or guests. Loud, boisterous conduct and the use of profanity or otherwise offensive language will not be tolerated.

  • Standard of dress: Attire in the Clubhouse shall be appropriate for the occasion. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.  Swim-wear is not acceptable.

  • The hours of the Clubhouse and the bar are indeterminate, and open only while a VYC member is present.  A bartender may be made available for cuise-ins.

  • A corkage fee will be charged to those who prefer to bring their own wines into the Clubhouse.  Alcoholic beverages, other than wine, not purchased at the bar, may not be consumed in the Clubhouse or on the house deck.

  • Name badges must be worn by all persons receiving service at the bar.  No alcoholic beverages shall be served to patrons not wearing a badge or guest tag.

  • Minors are allowed into the bar with adult supervision, but are not allowed to sit at the bar.

  • Unopened alcoholic containers may not be removed from the bar.

  • No animals except Seeing Eye dogs will be allowed in the Clubhouse.  All dogs and other pets must be on leashes. Owners must clean up droppings. Unattended pets must be kept on the owner’s boat and must not create a disturbance.

  • Gates and doors must not be propped open and left unattended. .

  • No smoking is allowed in the Clubhouse.

  • All refuse and garbage must be put in cans provided for the purpose.

  • Dumping of refuse and waste matter into the harbor or onto the shoreline of the harbor is prohibited.  Overboard discharge of marine heads is prohibited.   Batteries and other hazardous material shall be disposed of appropriately, off of the VYC premises.

  • Electric cords must be at least 12 gauge with three conductors, including a proper ground, as necessary to meet building code requirements. Conductors and connections must be in good and safe condition.  Only one lead per boat will be permitted and this must be connected through the existing breaker.

  • Children 12 years of age and under are required to wear PFD’s while occupying small boats in the harbor or while on head walks, piers or fingers in the harbor except when traveling to or from a boat and in the immediate presence of a parent or other responsible adult.  Children 12 years of age or under shall not be left unattended at the Club or within the harbor except during authorized Club meetings, including Junior’s meetings, or other activities. PFD’s are available for loan from the Club.

  • Swimming in the harbor is allowed only during Club sponsored activities, for bottom cleaning within a berth, or adjacent to the guest dock.  Adult supervision of swimming activities is required for any youth under the age of 16.

  • Lighted barbecues are not permitted on boats, head-walks, fingers, or piers, except for gas fired barbecues which are securely fastened to a boat.

  • Occupants of a wheelchair must wear an approved PFD.

  • Jet Skis may not be operated in the harbor.

  • Any complaints in regard to employees or contractors of the Club shall be taken up with the Commodore, Vice Commodore, or Board of Directors and not with the employee or contractor in question.

  • Disciplinary action for infraction of House Rules may lead to revokation of reciprocal privledges and notification sent to the visiting yachtsmen’s club.

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